TEXHNOLYZE (Texhnolyze)
Rating: 77.58/100
Type: TV
Genres: Sci-Fi , Psychological , Drama , Action
Start Date: 2003-04-17
End Date: 2003-09-25
Episodes: 22
Episode Length: 23 min
Total Length: 506 min
Age Rating: R - Mild Nudity
Rating: 77.58/100

Cult-favorite Yoshitoshi ABe tempts us to witness man's downward spiral in a future overrun by violence, greed, and depravity. After Ichise loses an arm and leg, he's equipped with experimental robotic limbs against his will. When an army of men transformed into terrifying machines invades his city, Ichise rages against humanity's demise—but can his actions actually be the catalyst? (Source: Funimation)