[Top 5] Best Summer Anime to Watch in 2018

So, October has come and gone. You’ve gotten (or handed out) candy to children, and you desperately wish for the return of summer. Well, I’m not Mother Nature – or anyone in the Nature family for that matter – but you can still recapture the feeling of summer by watching anime that did come out in the summer!

This is where I come in; bringing you five of the best anime that came out this summer!

5. Cells at Work

D’aww, this anime is low-key adorable!

Did you know that when I was a kid, I pretended I was a robot, and a bunch of little people were running around in my body and keeping it all fixed up and stuff? This is basically this, but here we have our cells anthropomorphized for our viewing pleasure!

Our main character AE3803 is a brand new red blood cell who just started her job of delivering oxygen, carbon dioxide and more to all over the body! She’s clumsy, gets lost easily, but she’s legitimately trying her best at her job. She often associates with U-1146, who’s a very ruthless white blood cell that frequently fights off invasions in the body. Despite his nature, he’s actually very soft-spoken.

4. Happy Sugar Life

You probably thought this was a slice-of-life anime with beautiful anime girls celebrating getting the summer off. Haha, NOPE. That is…exactly the opposite of this anime. It’s sort of like Madoka Magica or Doki Doki Literature Club; the cute anime girls and adorable premise leads you in, expecting something happy and light-hearted and then WHAM, you’re hit in the face with psychological horror.

Happy Sugar Life is about a high school girl named Satō Matsuzaka who meets a young girl named Shio, immediately falling in love with her. It had to be love, right? She decides the only way to keep this feeling forever was to kidnap her and keep her in her apartment; deciding that she would do anything to always feel this way…

…even if it meant killing.

That’s right, folks, Satō is a straight-up yandere! Also, can we please just mention the fact that with a title like “Happy Sugar Life,” you would seriously think that this anime is like Lucky Star or something, Like, the producers couldn’t come up with anything cuter than Happy. Sugar. Life. I’m not saying this anime is bad or anything for this, but man, that is one misleading title.

I need to take my mind off this anime with…

3. How (Not) to Summon a Demon Lord

Yup, it’s another one of those “character gets sucked into a video game” anime. This one feels different, somehow. Like, it’s different from No Game No Life, that much I know (really good anime btw, you should check it out).

Anyway, Takuma Sakamoto is your average, shut-in gamer – always playing his one video game that he’s really good at, called Cross Reverie. One day, however, he’s reborn in the world of the game as his character, named Diablo. Two girls, Rem and Shera, had used a spell to make Takuma their servant, but he was so strong the magic rebound on them, making them his servant, and hijinks ensue.

This is one anime I’m actually really excited to watch! I mean, I’ve watched clips and first episodes of everything else but after this article I’m just gonna go and binge the whole series because it looked that good. I can’t wait to spend all my time stuck indoors again, watching anime while furiously taking notes to use for my own stories.

2. Angels of Death

Anyone here ever played Angels of Death? Yeah, this anime was actually a game before it was an anime, like Ingress was. Also like Ingress, it was a game and not a manga before it became an anime.

Anyway, the anime follows the same plot as the game. 13-year old Rachel is taken to a hospital due to the trauma of witnessing a murder, but soon after she wakes up in the basement with no memories, apart from her own name. Eventually, though, she’s able to deduce that she’s become part of a game, where each participant is given a floor, and anyone who’s trespasses can be killed.

This is one of the gorier anime out there, so I definitely recommend you skip this if you get queasy easily. Despite that, though, I’m told this is really good, and that the game is decent enough as well. The game’s on Steam for 10 dollars (the same price as Undertale) so if you can spare ten dollars, then I’d recommend you give this one a try if you want to try the game first before the anime.

1. High Score Girl

This one really caught my attention, because it’s about video games and features a main character who’s obsessed with them. How couldn’t I give this one a look?

Anyway, this anime takes place in the year 1991. Our main character, Haruo Yaguchi, has nothing going for him in his life. He’s not smart, athletic, good looking, or even that nice. What he is, however, is a wicked gamer. He completely rules the arena that is his local arcade, going by the title of “Beastly Fingers Haruo”

…That is, however, until the mysterious Akira Oono shows up at the arcade. Now, Akira is the complete opposite of Haruo – smart, gorgeous, multitalented, you name it. She decides to play against Haruo, and hands him his butt in 30 rounds of Street Fighter II. The worst part is that Haruo can’t seem to win anything against Akira.

Strangely enough, though, the two seem to develop some sort of friendship as they play against each other.

So this one also looks interesting enough for me to want to binge it when I get the chance. I really like the idea of bonding over the love of video games, and an egotistical brat learning how to be a better person and therefore more likable.

Again, there are a ton of anime out there, but I feel as if these are some of the best. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!

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