[Top 50] Lolicon Anime Girls

Lolis are everywhere in anime; that’s not something that anyone can deny. They’re sweet, adorable, and they’re all precious cinnamon rolls who deserve the utmost protection that anyone can get. But what if I told you that not all lolis are created equal? In this article, I will talk about the 50 best lolis in Japanese history (in my opinion, of course).

50 – Shiro (No Game, No Life)

There are three things that drew me into No Game, No Life. The first was the beautiful art-style. The second was the prospect of living in a video game world. The third, of course, was Shiro here. Shiro is the genius little sister of the equally genius Sora, and together the two of them are the last hope for the last of the human race, Imanity.

49 – Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star)

Now, Lucky Star is an anime full of adorable anime girls, so you’re gonna be seeing a few more characters from this anime on this list. We’ll start, however, with little Tsukasa Hiiragi; the sweet twin sister of the tsundere Kagami Hiiragi. She never gets mad and is admittedly just a little dimwitted, which heavily contrasts her sister’s personality.

48 – Yazawa Nico (Love Live!)

I know what you’re thinking; “Nico’s probably a kid.” Despite her short stature, she’s actually a third-year student. She’s very bossy and aggressively, but she can be very cutesy and upbeat when she chooses to be – in other words, when she’s trying to look like an idol. As such, she managed to earn a spot in this list solely because of how goshdarn cute she is when she’s being an idol.

47 – Makina Irisu (Le Fruit de la Grisaia)

Makina is one of those lolis that are just strange – you can’t describe her personality in one sentence, and even though she’s very childlike and happy, she tends to make people break out in cold sweats. Heck, when you first meet her she’s super shy so you don’t grow to hate her, and later on she takes on the personality of a drill sergeant!

46 – Yui (Sword Art Online)

Let’s talk a little about how loli girls come on all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, they’re just not human. Yui here is an AI – an Artificial Intelligence. Despite basically not being human, she becomes super happy and childlike and loves it when the two main characters of the anime, Asuna and Kirito, pretend to be her parents.

Who else wants to give poor lil Yui a hug?

45 – Kokoro Katsura (School Days)

Oh my god, Kokoro’s adorable! She’s the little sister of Kotonoha Katsura. Unlike her sister, she’s very friendly, social and outgoing. However, she does worry that her sister has no social life at all, unlike Kokoro herself. She looks up to the main character, Makoto, as basically her older brother.

44 – Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

Here’s another character from Lucky Star whom I’d like to mention. Konata is a mischievous but good-natured tomboy, who loves her video games and anime. Also, did I mention that Konata is the shortest of the four main characters in this anime?

43 – Izuna Hatsuse (No Game, No Life)

No Game, No Life is filled with cute girls, I swear. Izuna is the eight-year old ambassador of the Werebeast race. She’s a very innocent girl who loves being pet, but possesses an extraordinary ability at playing games, to the point where she ended up representing the Werebeasts in national games.

42 – Remilia Scarlet (Touhou Project)

Okay, the main antagonist of the Scarlet Devil game who is also a vampire and is the head of a mansion should not be this cute. Remilia, though she tries to cultivate the aura of being a mysterious vampire, is as innocent and childlike as she looks. She is really polite, though.

41 – Squid Girl (Squid Girl)

D’aww, Squid Girl! How could I not include this precious little girl in my Loli list? She vowed to take revenge on the world for polluting the ocean, but after accidentally breaking a hole in the wall of a restaurant by trying to squash a mosquito, she’s forced to work as a waitress at said restaurant to pay for the damages.

40 – Mei Misaki (Another)

Mei is adorable, not gonna lie. Mei is from the anime series Another, and at first she’s very withdrawn and antisocial. However, later on through the thriller anime, she begins to open up and become more attached to the main character, Kouichi Sakakibara.

39 – Tsukuyomi Komoe (A Certain Magical Index)

Although she looks like she’s maybe twelve at the most, Komoe is actually one of the oldest adults in the series. Underneath her childish appearance, she’s a very competent teacher (she was actually the main character Touma’s teacher). Of course I had to add her because aaaaaa she’s so adorable oh my god –

38 – Akira Kogami (Lucky Star)

Akira here is another Lucky Star character because how could I not add her you guys. I’d be a monster if I didn’t. Her persona of a idol has her being very energetic, happy-go-lucky, friendly, the whole shebang. However, when she’s annoyed, she switches from “popular J-pop idol” to “chain smoking former actor” Nevertheless, no one can deny her acting talent; having been in the industry since she was three.

37 – Kagari (Rewrite Harvest Festa!)

Kagari is from a visual novel, called Rewrite Harvest Festa. She’s the main heroine, and can express human emotions, but at the same time experiences way too much anger. However, she also expresses a desire for good memories, which is just too precious.

36 – Anko Kitashirakawa (Tamako Market)

Anko is the little sister of Tamako, and is in the fourth grade. She’s considered more practical, and also expresses a lot of maturity, which is also counteracted by a ton of stubbornness. She seems hesitant to express her feelings, though; especially about her crush.

35 – Ricotta Elmar (Dog Days)

Yup; not only is Ricotta a loli, but she’s also a dog girl (as opposed to a catgirl). She’s extremely intelligent and very friendly, but sometimes her curiosity tends to get the better of her. Just like an actual dog, amirite dog owners of the world –

34 – Maki (My Bride is a Mermaid)

Maki is only a few inches tall, but she’s an assassin working for the Seto Group. Despite being an assassin, she’s absolutely adorable. She despises the thought of losing her friend Sun, and will often distract her with sweet talk to try and kill the main character Nagasumi.

33 – Hinami Fueguchi (Tokyo Ghoul)

I know you probably weren’t expecting a horror entry like Tokyo Ghoul in the list, but here we are. Hinami is a ghoul, yes, but she’s a 13 year old girl who yearns for knowledge. Even when she’s in ghoul mode, she’s sweet, shy and reserved. How could I not put Hinami here?

32 – Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail)

Wendy here is a very shy and polite girl and is always accompanied by her Exceed companion, named Carla. The two of them have a very close relationship. She can be easily swayed by people, and tends to doubt her ability to help her peers out. Poor Wendy, she’s just so precious you guys, I can’t believe it.

31 – Rin Kokonoe (A Child’s Time)

Rin is a young girl in the third grade who has an intense crush on her teacher Daisuke. She has a mischievous nature and tries to go through great lengths to make her teacher fall in love with her. Despite her nature, she cares very deeply about her friends and family and would go any length necessary to defend them.

30 – Sora (Trinity Seven)

Sora, though she is essentially a grimoire manuscript, has a very proud and cheerful personality. She’s enthusiastic in pretty every situation regardless of any dangers that she may face. Because of this, though, she can look very spontaneous to the untrained eye.

29 – Fear Kubrick (C3)

I…actually don’t know much about Kubrick. I mean, I know she was turned into a human because of the hate she received, due to being used for torture and execution, but other than that I don’t know about her personality. She’s adorable, though; I’m sure we can all agree.

28 – Wendy (Black Butler: Book of Circus)

We have another Wendy here on this list! This Wendy, however, is a trapeze artist. She’s also shy and reserved, but when she does speak, she presents herself in a very mature manner. Unfortunately, Wendy is a little bit of a serial killer, soooo…

27 – Satoko Houjou (Higurashi When They Cry)

Oh, no, poor Satoko. For those who don’t know, Higurashi is about a town that goes mad with a disease called Hinamizawa Syndrome. It causes paranoid delusions, hallucinations, and even out-of-character violence. And Satoko lives in this town with the virus.

26 – Shirokuma (White Graduation)

Shirokuma is kind of a mysterious case. She claims that she’s from Russia, despite the fact she is very obviously not Russian at all. She treats everyone like she’s royalty and they’re her servants, and everyone calls her Shirokuma despite that not being her real name.

25 – Rui Amamoto (Tokyo Project Hero)

Rui Amamoto is a character from the visual novel Tokyo Project Hero, which was a project that was implemented two years ago. 23 cosplaying heroes were placed to promote order, but not many people know that they possess otherworldly powers and use them to fight off a secret evil society at night, known as the Black Order.

24 – Ikazuchi (Kantai Collection)

D’awww! Ikazuchi here is very boisterous and just a bit overconfident, in contrast to sister Inazuma. Ikazuchi has a desire to become known as a big-sister figure to the others, as shown by her desire for her admiral to rely on her. It’s kinda adorable.

23 – Komari Kamikita (Little Busters!)

Komari is a very optimistic girl, and even a bit childish for her age. She’s very clumsy, and usually doesn’t think before she acts, but I think we can all forgive her for that, because goshdarnit she’s so cute look at those little eyes of hers –

22 – Yua (Your Diary)

Yua is the main heroine of the visual novel Your Diary. She’s a bubbly and energetic girl who claims herself to be the “goddess of happiness.” She actually is a deity, though she doesn’t seem to have any special powers or anything of that sort.

21 – Merry Nightmare (Dream Eater Merry)

Despite what you would think, Merry Nightmare isn’t dark or edgy or anything. Like half of the lolis in this list, she’s very energetic and has a deep trust in Yumeji, who promised her that she would be taken back to the dream world. She also loves donuts.

20 – Miko Ame (Amber Quartz)

Uuuuugh, why are the cutest lolis always in the h-games/eroges? Nevertheless, Miko Ame is adorable, and is one of the main character Subaru’s friends. The group of friends she was in really trusted each other and everything, but eventually they all split up.

19 – Nanako Dojima (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4)

Nanako Dojima is the daughter of Ryotara Dojima, and is the cousin of the Persona 4’s protagonist. She’s a very sweet and mature girl (especially for her age), but does still have childish wonders, like when she asked if the weather man decided the weather for that day.

18 – Nayuta Miki (Natsuyuki ~Summer Snow~)

Yeah, it’s another eroge game. I…actually can’t find anything about Miki or any of the characters. Nevertheless, she’s still cute and I thought she deserved a spot on the list. That smile, man. It – it just gets me every time. She deserves love.

17 – Rose (Dragon Crisis!)

Rose is one of the main characters of the anime Dragon Crisis. She’s a young red dragon who’s unable to transform into her dragon form, and doesn’t even know her name, until the man character Ryūji gave her the name “Rose” because the scales on the back of her hand looked like a rose.

16 – Fuka Narutaki (Negima?!)

Ah, now here’s a loli that isn’t all just “pure of heart cinnamon roll” Fuka here is a massive prankster, no doubts about it. She absolutely loves playing tricks on her friends, and unlike her sister, she’s full of energy and never really worries about the consequences of things.

15 – Saki Miyanaga (Saki)

Saki’s basically the “I have no redeeming qualities whatsoever” character: she’s shy, bookish, has a poor sense of direction, is a bad swimmer, and doesn’t use electronics. Her only skill is at mahjong, and even then she hates it because of her family.

14 – Maria Takayama (I Don’t Have Many Friends)

The title of this anime is mii_irl. Anyway, Maria is childish and has displayed this tendency multiple times, despite claiming that she’s an adult and she can do this. Because Maria is apparently a child prodigy, she’s very arrogant and therefore has trouble socializing.

13 – Primula (Shuffle!)

Primula here is from the anime Shuffle!, and Primula herself is rather…strange. She’s emotionless and rather calm, and was an artificial life form created during Project Yggdrasil, and escaped into the human world to search for Rin – who Lycoris told her about.

12 – Kumi Kenmi (Corona the Dragon Maiden)

Kumi Kenmi is one of the main characters in the RPG Corona the Draogn Maiden. She’s a tsundere, and according to the internet she apparently talks about herself in the third person or something? Nevertheless, she kinda looks a bit like a futuristic mecha girl or something.

11 – Noel (Celestial Method)

Noel is the main heroine of the anime Celestial Method. She’s the smallest of the main cast, extremely stubborn, and usually refuses to give up, no matter how hard you try to get her to stop. She’s like a dog with a bone and whatever she wants is the bone.

10 – Noko (Axanael)

Axanael is categorized as an eroge, but to be honest it looks more like a thriller than anything. I may actually play it if there’s an English translation out there. Noko is one of the creepier characters, who’s completely yandere for a character called Nitori, and wants to be with him so badly everything else comes second. Crazy loli best loli.

9 – Reina (Maitetsu)

Reina is from a game called Maitetsu; which is set in a fictional version of Japan called Hinomoto. Since the beginning of railroads, railway travel had been the most popular way of travel, and was controlled by a humanoid robot who helped the real train operator.

8 – Yuka Mochida (Corpse Party)

Oh no, it’s Corpse Party.

Anyway, Yuka may be a teenager, but she acts really immature for her age, because she had always been pampered by her parents. As such, she’s a lot more sensitive to blood and gore and it’s easier to make her have a mental breakdown. I don’t blame her. I have Corpse Party on the 3DS and it’s hecka disturbing, you people.

7 – Medicine Melancholy (Touhou Project)

Oh, oh, I think I remember something about Medicine Melancholy! I remember watching some Touhou footage, where the main character was in a valley of flowers and getting all sleepy, but Melancholy here was a doll and therefore neither alive or dead, meaning that she wasn’t affected by the poison stuff!

…Why I am getting so excited over this, I have no idea.

6 – Mimi (D. Gray-man)

Mimi here is 100% devoted to Lulu Bell, while all the other Akumas (demons in Japanese) have to do what the Noahs tell them. Mimi, however, is obsessed with Lulu, and is ecstatic to be breathing the same air as Lulu. Nothing like a crazy loli to spice up the article, amirite people?

5 – Pastel Witch (RPG Academy)

So from what I know, RPG Academy is a really popular visual novel. However, I can’t find anything about the personality of Pastel Witch. I really wanna learn more about Pastel Witch or RPG Academy, but I’ve been way too busy lately. I’ll probably play it at some point and then write about the game, though.

4 – Jasmine Kashiro (Let’s La Go!)

Oh, no, another h-game. I have no desire to go researching into the personality of Jasmine or anyone else (I actually already tried. I found literally nothing in English, and I cannot speak a word of Japanese for the life of me.) Nevertheless, Jasmine is cute.

3 – Nat (Please Teacher!)

Poor Nat looks like a minor character in the series. She’s just a little girl who finds a boy (Kei) and falls in love with him, and then becomes heartbroken when she learns that he already has a love interest. Poor lil cinnamon roll deserves a hug you people.

2 – Suu (Grandia)

So Grandia is actually an RPG on the PlayStation. I was honestly surprised it wasn’t a visual novel or something. Anyway, Suu (or Sue as she’s called in the American version) is a friend of the main character Justin. She’s very sweet and tends to act like a surrogate sister to him.

1 – Yoshino (Date a Live)

Oh my lord Yoshino is so cuuuuute! She’s the kindest Spirit so far in the Date a Live series. She’s a shy and kind little girl who’s far more passive than the other spirits – at least, that’s her main personality. Yoshinon, her alter ego, is way more outgoing and brave, as Yoshinon was created in the image of Yoshino’s ideal hero.

Anyway, this has been 50 of the cutest lolis I could find. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!

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