[Top 10] Best Gundam Animes 2019

Gundam is one of the most popular franchises since it the first appeared in the 80s. Now there are so many series that you can watch. When it comes to Gundam, fast paced action battles with giant beam rifles/cannons and Star Wars esque beam saber fights are staple in most series. We have selected a list of all the best Gundam series throughout the years and you can happily vote for your favourite one below.

When one space colony declared its independence from the Earth Federation, the devastating 7th Space War, an all-out war between Earth and space, resulted. The Federation responded to the Space Revolutionary Army with mobile suits, called Gundams. However, the Space Revolutionary forces played their... Read More

It is Universal Century 0153. On the space colonies located at Side 2, the Zanscare Empire has come to power and it holds onto that power through liberal use of the guillotine. With its forces invading the Earth and its space fleets preparing to subjugate the other Sides, the Zanscare Empire has not... Read More