[Top 10] Best Gore Anime

If you don’t have a strong stomach, then I recommend you turn back now, because today, we’re going to be talking about the 10 best gore anime out there! In case you’re wondering what gore anime is, it’s basically a genre of anime with blood… lots and lots of blood.

Common things you’ll see include people getting eaten alive, ripped apart, turned into zombies, getting their heads cut off; if you can think of a horrible way to die that involves blood, then it’s probably already been shown in a gore anime. With that said, I’m just going to jump right into the gore, so let the splatter party begin!

#10 – Tokyo Ghoul


Anyway, Tokyo Ghoul is a horror fantasy series that was adapted from a manga series to anime. As far as I know, there are three series; the original, :re and vA. Anyway, the story is about Tokyo, which is infested with these creatures called ghouls, who feast on the dead flesh of humans. There’s no way to tell a ghoul from a human until it’s too late; they look exactly the same until it’s feeding time, in which their eyes turn black and red and a predatory organ (called a kagune) opens up.

Shy, bookish Ken Kaneki manages to score a date with the beautiful Rize Kamishiro. However, as it turns out, Rize herself was a ghoul, and betrays Kaneki in an attempt to eat him. During a freak accident, however, the two are sent to the hospital – Rize is dead, but Kaneki is barely alive.

After a surgery in which Kaneki received organs from Rize, he becomes part-ghoul, and now must learn the ways of being a ghoul; that is, if he doesn’t want to starve to death. As you can expect, there are multiple scenes of flesh being torn off and humans being eaten alive in this series, but it’s really good and I would recommend you watch it!

I actually have all 14 volumes of the Tokyo Ghoul manga! (I still gotta sit down and start reading past volume 8…)

#9 – Corpse Party

What gore anime list would be complete without mentioning Corpse Party? I mean, it’s literally got “corpse” in the title!

Okay, so Corpse Party is actually a massive series. It started out as a game in 1996, then became multiple games, and then it got anime. It became known as one of the bloodiest shows of all time.

The story is relatively simple: nine students gather together at their high school in order to throw a goodbye party for their friend. However, they perform a ritual in order to stay friends forever, by using a paper doll named Sachiko.

What the students don’t realize, however, is that the charm is connected to Heavenly Host Academy; an elementary school that had been shut down after four students had their tongues cut out. Their own school was built on top of those foundations.

The nine students have been transported into an alternate dimension where the Heavenly Host School still exists, but now the ghosts of the students are there – and they want more members to their corpse party. Now the students have to survive and find a way out of this dimension.


#8 – High School of the Dead

So here’s another anime that I had the pleasure of watching. Did you know there are some rumors that they’re making a second season finally? The first season did kinda end on a cliffhanger, so…

Anyway, it all happened one morning: the dead have arisen and anarchy immediately followed. It only took a few minutes for the entire school to be infected, and Takashi Kimuro has to kill his best friend when the friend gets bitten and becomes one of the zombies.

From there, Takashi and the girlfriend Rei Miyamoto manage to escape from their infected school, only to learn that the rest of the country has already followed to chaos and destruction. From there, they meet up with other students from his school who also made it out. Will they be able to survive this hellish apocalypse? Find out yourselves!

#7 – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is another alternate reality like Tokyo Ghoul; where the world is plagued by these massive humanoid creatures named Titans. They are giant beasts who eat only humans as their food source. 100 years ago, humanity sealed themselves behind a wall in the last human city in the world to protect themselves from the titans.

They lived in peace for a century, but that all changed one day when a bigger than normal Titan appeared, smashing through the wall, and letting all the other Titans in. Eren Yeager decides to get revenge on the Titans after they ate his mother.

As you would expect, Attack on Titan has a ton of scenes of people getting eaten up. The Titans, however, do have a weakness – the nape of their necks. There are also scenes of Titans getting the nape of their neck sliced open, so that’s another gory thing to either watch out for or look forward to, depending on your tolerance for gore.

I haven’t had the time to watch any of the Attack on Titan series, but now I feel like I kind of have to at this point.

#6 – Higurashi When They Cry

Don’t let the first episode of this anime fool you. Though the first episode is cutesy and sweet or so I’m told, this anime is anything but that.

The story revolves around a rural village called Hinamizawa; taking place in June 1983 and has a population of around 2,000. The main character Keiichi Maebara moves to this town, and befriends his classmates: Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko.

Hinamizawa is just a normal village to Keiichi, and he spends his time with his friends playing after-school board games with his new friends. However, the peacefulness ends all of a sudden after their annual Watanagashi Festival. This is a celebration to give thanks to their god, Oyashiro.

Keiichi learns that for every year for the past four years, one person has been murdered, and another goes missing on the evening of the festival. Soon enough, Keiichi finds himself drawn to the strange events during the festival, and either he or one of his friends quickly becomes paranoid; involving the murder of one of their friends.

This anime is the birth of the insane green-haired girl anime laughter. If you’ve seen the “Most Disturbing Anime Scene Ever” you know that there’s a lot of blood.

#5 – Elfen Lied

Again, there is no gore anime list without Elfen Lied. If you ask anyone about their top pick for gory anime, they’ll tell you “Elfen Lied” would be a good pick.

Elfen Lied is about humans and Diclonii; who are a mutant species that is virtually indistinguishable from humans, except for the two horns on their head and vectors, which are transparent arms that are telekinetically controlled and have the power to cut objects within their reach up. Human flesh cannot stand against the vectors.

The series is about a Diclonius girl named Lucy. She was held in a lab as an experiment, but managed to break free, and wants to take revenge on the human species because of her harsh treatment. Due to becoming injured in the process of escape, she also began to second, more childish personality, which she calls Nyu.

This series is one of the most powerful anime out there; focusing heavily on judgment and alienation, along with revenge and jealousy. Many of the Diclonius hate humans, and ambitions to wipe out the human race to be repopulated with their own species. The series was basically a look into the human desire to naturally cast out those who are different.

#4 – Deadman Wonderland

Here’s another one that I’d like to mention. Fun fact: Deadman Wonderland actually got banned in China.

Anyway, this series takes place in Japan. A massive earthquake destroyed Japan and sank most of Tokyo. The main character, Ganta Igarashi, has no memories of this earthquake ten years later, and has grown up living a completely normal life.

That normalcy changed one day, when a person calling themselves the Red Man massacres Ganta’s entire classroom except for Ganta himself. Within days, Ganta was thought to be the murderer and was sentenced to death at the Deadman Wonderland, which was a prison that also happened to be a theme park.

Ganta intended to find the Red Man in order to clear his name, all while having to survive the Deadman Wonderland. He had to perform the legal games in the facility and survive if he wanted to live for longer than three days. This is because all inmates are constantly injected with a lethal poison that can be neutralized by consuming a particular medicine every three days. This medicine can be acquired by working backstage and performing for audiences.

Thankfully, though, Ganta has the help of a strange girl named Shiro. She apparently knows Ganta herself, but no one else knows who exactly she is. Will Ganta find the Red Man?

#3 – Murder Princess

The story begins as Dr. Akamashi launched an overthrow in the Forland Kingdom. The attack succeeds, and the king sends his daughter Alita off to find Prince Kaito, who would be able to help her. While she fled, though, Alita somehow manages to fall off a cliff.

She falls straight onto the female bounty hunter Falis, and due to the nature of a near-death experience, the two of them switch bodies. After Falis takes care of the threat, Alita begs the bounty hunter to protect the Forland Kingdom as she went to find Kaito. Falis agreed, and acted as the princess of the Forland Kingdom while simultaneously being the coolest person ever.

#2 – Parasyte

I swear, some of the transformations in this show actually made me feel sick. I was perfectly normal with everything else, but this? Blegh. Blegh all the way.

The world used to be normal, especially for Shinichi Izumi, who lives with his parents in Japan. One night, though; strange parasites enter Earth and take over the brains of their hosts (human hosts) by crawling into their body through noses or ears. One of those parasites attempted to take over Shinichi, but failed as he woke up, and instead entered through his right hand.

Because the parasite wasn’t able to take over, the two of them keep their own personalities. The two of them actually manage to form this weird bond and help each other survive as they fight parasites who feed upon humans. Shinichi felt compelled to fight off these parasites while getting the help of his own parasite.

#1 – Blood-C

Oh, oh, I loved the Blood series! I actually watched Blood: The Last Vampire (the movie) a while back, and I loved it.

The story takes place in an isolated town, near the shore of Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture. Saya Kirasagi, the main character, lives a double life: on the outside, she’s your average high school girl. She’s clumsy, but friendly, and her circle of friends is small but tight.

However, that is not who she truly is. When the sun falls, Saya and her father defend the town from demons of the night, called Elder Bairns. They are monster who possess inanimate objects to feed on the blood of humans – truly they are a deadly force.

Her battles become ever the more desperate, as the Elder Bairns begin to attack the town during the day. Saya had blanks in her memory that caused painful headaches whenever she tried to remember what exactly happened in them. Soon enough, Saya begins to question herself and her mission. Who exactly was she?

Anyway, this list has been ten of the best gore anime out there that I think you should watch! I’m definitely gonna go rewatch Tokyo Ghoul after this article is complete. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!

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